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April’s Super ‘Pink’ Moon 2020

What is Super Moon ?

Super moon is not an astronomical term. It’s a relatively new colloquial term for a moon and in common usage, a full moon that appears to be larger than usual.

While some people say the Moon is super if this occurs within 24 hours of the exact time when the entire face of the Moon is lit up, others class any full Moon closer than 367,607 km as a super-Moon.

Compared to standard full moons, super moons can appear between seven and 14 percent larger and up to 30 percent brighter.

A full moon occurs when its surface facing Earth is fully illuminated by sunlight, creating a bright disk. That happens when the moon, Earth and the sun are aligned, with Earth positioned between the moon and the sun.

Super moons happen when the moon’s elliptical orbit brings it to the closest point to the Earth while the moon is full.

About Super Pink Moon :

The brightest full moon if the year is about to debut next week. The lunar event will serve as the second super moon of 2020.

The “Super Pink Moon” on the night of April 7, 2020 will be 356,907 km from Earth. The April full moon is the closest super moon of the year, which means that it is the largest.

The April full moon is known as the pink moon, on account of the herb moss pink, also known as wild ground phlox, according to NASA.

The super moon appearing next week is also known as the Pink Moon. Despite its name, the Moon will not appear pinkish. Instead, it will have a golden orange color when it reaches its peak.

Furthermore, the full moon is also called a super moon, because it will be extra bright, as many expert claims, it will be the brightest super moon that we are going to see in 2020.



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