26 Nov 2022, 10:44 AM (GMT)

Coronavirus Stats Nepal

1,000,875 Total Cases
12,019 Death Cases
988,558 Recovered Cases

Straight home from India

Kathmandu : Students from India have been allowed to enter Nepal after undergoing antigen testing at the health desk at Rani Naka in Biratnagar.

After the anigen test came positive, the health desk has taken the policy of handing over the infected to the concerned local level.

However, Health Desk Chief Dr Kamal Kishor Yadav complained that there was a lot of challenge in the management as the locals did not come to take care of the infected. He said that the infected people are being admitted to the isolation hospital run by Nobel Hospital as the local level has not come to take charge.

According to the doctor, the infection has spread due to the inability of the locals to quarantine the Nepalis returning from India. Shiva Prasad Dhakal, mayor of Sundar Haraincha, said that the municipality could not manage the infected people due to lack of quarantine and isolation.

Chief of Koshi Hospital, Dr. Chuman Lal Das, said that the number of infected people has skyrocketed as Nepalis returning from India have not been quarantined in State-1.

“People from India are still going straight home. It is unfortunate that they are not ready to be quarantined yet,” he said, adding that “the price will have to be paid in a week’s time when the situation is dire.”

Das said that the infection rate was increasing as the local level could not play an effective role in controlling and preventing the second phase of the infection.

“The infection is spreading at the community level as the local level has not yet made arrangements for quarantine,” he said.

Infected people living in home isolation are also dying as the local levels ignore them. There are 137 local levels in 14 districts of Province 1. Out of which, the infection has spread in 14 districts except Solukhumbu.

(Source : Kantipur)

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