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Embossed number plates are mandatory on all vehicles from Shrawan

Kathmandu : The government is preparing to make embossed number plates mandatory on government and private vehicles from next Shrawan.

The Department of Transport Management has stated that embossed number plates will be made mandatory for new vehicles registered from Shrawan and old vehicles going for renewal.

The department has stated that the number plate will be made mandatory from Shrawan after the Supreme Court ruled in their favor. This plate will be mandatory for government and private vehicles.

The Department of Transportation Management had started adding embossed number plates to vehicles from Bhadra 5, 2074. However, a dispute arose over the non-use of Nepali language numbers and letters on the plate and the matter reached the Supreme Court.

The government has set a fee of Rs 2,500 for two-wheeler, Rs two thousand and nine for three wheeler and Rs 3,200 for four wheeler including cars, jeeps vans and tractors. Larger vehicles have to pay a fee of Rs 3,600 for embossed plates.

According to the department, embossed number plates have been installed in 18,000 vehicles so far.

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