26 Nov 2022, 10:13 AM (GMT)

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House destroyed in a fire caused by an electrical Circuit in Kalikot

Kathmandu : A house has been destroyed by fire in Chudimul, Raskot Municipality-2 of Kalikot due to short circuit. Sahadev Simkhada’s house was destroyed by fire when a power outage occurred at 4:00 pm on Tuesday.

Amar Raj Simkhada, a local informed that the children inside the house escaped immediately after the fire broke out due to an electrical short.

“The fire broke out while the children were playing in the house,” he said. Although the fire did not cause any human casualties, the property worth Lakhs of rupees was damaged, said Ward Chairman Dayaram Simkhada.

He said, ” Some cash including food, water, clothes, utensils and jewelery have been destoyed by fire.” The ward Chairman informed that Sahadev’s family of six has been living in Tripal after the house was destroyed by fire.

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